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中新社香港3月11日電 (記者 劉辰瑤)香港特區政府統計處11日發佈的業務收益指數顯示,2018年香港主要服務行業以價值計算的業務收益均有不同程度的昇幅。其中,旅遊、會議及展覽服務界別的業務收益同期按年上昇10.1%,電腦及資訊科技服務界別亦按年上昇3.3%。   據統計,就2018年全年而言,近乎所有的主要服務行業的業務收益均錄得按年增長。當中,貨倉及倉庫業(+12.4%)、住宿服務業(+10.3%)和金融業(銀行除外)(+10.3%)均錄得雙位數昇幅。   作為2018年的最後一季,貨倉及倉庫業在第四季就表現不俗,與2017年第四季比較,該行業收益取得11.8%的昇幅,旅遊、會議及展覽服務界別的業務收益同期按年上昇7.3%,而電腦及資訊科技服務界別的業務收益亦按年上昇5.3%。   然而,地產業的業務收益卻同期降低9.5%,其後為速遞業跌5.0%和資訊及通訊業跌4.5%。   針對香港旅遊業的快速發展,香港特首林鄭月娥日前出席海洋公園萬豪酒店開幕典禮時表示,旅遊業是香港支柱產業,特區政府未來會改善及增加旅遊設施,提昇香港接待旅客的能力,亦會有計劃將旅客分流至不同地區消費,從而擴大旅遊業為全港市民帶來的整體經濟效益。 ...more

ITE Hong Kong 2019 – 33rd ITE (leisure travel) & 14th ITE MICE, June 13 to 16, 2019

Some 55 exhibiting countries / regions (about 50% outside Asia) and around 700 exhibitors (85% from abroad and 25% MICE related). Comprehensive and highlight FIT, THEME travel. June 13 - 14, for travel trade and professionals only please pre-register online for admission; June 15 – 16 open to public. Buy tickets at entrance. ITE offers exhibitors B2B and B2C programs. For example, holding in ITE are ...more

HKCEC offers premium Wi-Fi for event organisers

HML has completed the HK$30 million project of upgrading the entire Wi-Fi system at the HKCEC, which now enables HKCEC’s users and visitors to enjoy an unlimited, complimentary and high-speed, high-density Wi-Fi experience. The new system also offers a premium service for event organisers and provides an option of a dedicated SSID and customized login page for better branding purpose, as well as a ...more

RACE ahead in the Retail Industry!

Looking for new products or retail solutions to drive your business? Offering more than 800 brands, 2,000 solutions and 150 hours of educational seminars, Retail Asia Conference & Expo is the perfect spark for your business to grow and innovate. The expo covers 3 major sectors including Retail Technology, Retail Design and In-Store Marketing, Internet Retailing as well as the newly launched Startup ...more

Shenzhen Global MICE Innovation Summit on 14th – 15th Jan 2019

Organised for the first time, the Shenzhen Global MICE Innovation Summit has welcomed over 200 delegates from Hong Kong, Macao, Mainland China and overseas. Our Chairman Mr. Stuart Bailey has joined the closing forum and shared his view on the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Innovation and Development Dialogue. ...more

亞博館多元發展 拓本港會展業

本港銳意發展會議展覽業,亞洲國際博覽館(下稱亞博館)近年力求展覽內容多元化,並為展商提供更多服務配套,冀加強亞博館在亞太區內展覽場地的品牌形象。  亞博館首席策略總監劉小慧介紹,該館今年全年舉辦約300個大型活動,全年錄約400萬入場人次,大型展覽活動訪客人次估計較去年上升約10至12%。她指出,近年場館需求明顯上升,今年滿館日(指該館10個展館都有活動舉行)有77天,較去年的71天,明顯有增幅。 鄰區急起直追 港迎外地挑戰   常言本港展覽場地不足,劉小慧指出,鄰近地區包括台灣、韓國、泰國等地,都很積極開拓會展業,有地區就會資助展覽商選取該地設展。而本港會展業的優勢之處,在於至今累積的成功經驗,中英文雙語能力,加上航班交通、物流安排、出入境簽證等,整體仍較周圍地區方便,對業界仍有很大吸引力,但考慮到鄰近地區已急起直追,不能掉以輕心。「例如深圳國際會展中心落成後,將會成為全球最大的展覽館;珠海亦冀乘著港珠澳大橋的交通效應,加強展覽業發展。」 ...more