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ITE HONG KONG 11-14 June 2020

While TKS has been closely monitoring and assessing the situation, currently preparations are underway and there is no plan now to postpone ITE 2020 - The 34th edition of ITE Hong Kong and the 15th MICE Travel Expo are scheduled to be held from 11 to 14 June 2020 at Halls 1A to 1E of the HKCEC. Naturally, we share with exhibitors the concern about the coronavirus, and have been publishing regular updates on our website Like other countries and regions in Asia and beyond (e.g. Thailand 25 confirmed cases, Singapore 24, Japan 23*, Hong Kong 21, South Korea 18, Germany 12*, Australia 12 and USA 11), Hong Kong also being affected by coronavirus. * Included asymptomatic cases: Japan (5 cases), Germany (2 cases) From what we know, travel fairs in the mainland already announced postponement mainly are those scheduled for February and early March. While in Hong Kong only exhibitions to be held in February have announced date change. But ITE is in middle of June in Hong Kong, some 4 months from now thus need further observation before any decision. With Hong Kong becoming more peaceful, more exhibitors including the repeating and new show favorable responses, reflecting their growing confidence in ITE, Hong Kong’s only travel fair! So far, an absolute majority of the some 30 official pavilions and stands, who exhibit regularly and accounting for well over half of ITE, have confirmed, reserved or included ITE in its official program. Several repeating pavilions indicate expansion plan. Further, new pavilions from Europe and America are expected. Latest UPDATES OF HONG KONG OUTBOUND From Hong Kong government statistics, more Hong Kong residents departed via the Airport in each month of the last quarter of 2019. Specifically up 1.72% in October, 5.65% in November, and 8.16% in December; while for the whole last quarter up 5.37%. In whole year of 2019, Hong Kong residents made 94.71 million departures, up 2.71%, which average 12.8 departures per person in that year. From levy collected reported by Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong, outbound business including tour groups of Hong Kong travel agents in December 2019 grew 28.8%. Regular updates of Hong Kong outbound is available in ITE website. Interested party can visit > home page to download Hong Kong Outbound PDF copy. If you’ve any query, feel free to contact us via or call our office +852 3155 0600, whatapps +852 6936-1271 or wechat us: ite-hongkong or fill in Inquiry Form. We look forward to welcoming you to ITE Hong Kong 2020!