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據澳門統計暨普查局資料顯示,2016年第4季的會展活動共371項,包括352項會議、16項展覽及3項獎勵活動;與會及入場人數共49.0萬人次。2016年全年共舉辦了1,276項會展活動,其中會議1,195項、展覽55項及獎勵活動26項;共吸引172.2萬人次參與。   第4季舉行的會議按年增加16項,與會人數上升70.6%至7.0萬人次,當中二百人或以上會議增14項至73項,其與會人數上升103.9%至5.4萬人次(佔總數76.9%);四小時或以上的會議按年增加39項至252項(佔會議總數71.6%),與會者的升幅更達121.2%至5.5萬人次,其平均會期為2.0日,按年增加0.1日,而整體會議的平均會期為1.6日,升幅為0.2日。   同季展覽共16項,按年減少7項,入場人數下跌48.4%至40.5萬人次;當中15項非政府機構主辦的展覽共吸引35.1萬人次入場。展覽的平均展期為3.2日,按年減少0.2日;使用總面積下跌16.0%至15.5萬平方米。此外,3項獎勵活動共1.4萬人次參與,活動的平均時間及使用總面積分別為2.3日及17.2萬平方米。...

ITE Hong Kong promotes Theme Travels popular with Affluent Travelers

From surveys, themes like “sport tourism” promoted by over 130 exhibitors and attracted 22% trade and 27% public visitors; while over 150 exhibitors promote “cultural tourism” which attracted 30% trade and 49% public visitors. Overall, around 10 themes such as “cruise holiday”, “overseas wedding”, “travel photography” etc and MICE are being highlighted. The 31st ITE Hong Kong (leisure) and the 12th...


「促進港澳經濟合作小組」會議於2017年2月9日下午在香港特別行政區政府總部舉行,會議由香港商務及經濟發展局局長蘇錦樑和澳門經濟局局長戴建業共同主持。 小組是2016年第九次港澳合作高層會議時港澳雙方同意成立,用以促進雙方的經貿發展,推動兩地投資環境的進一步優化,並把握港珠澳大橋落成所帶來的機遇。是次會議,港澳雙方主要就旅遊合作,如旅客的一程多站、投資推廣和會展業合作等方面進行了交流,透過雙方的溝通和協商,擬定未來共同開展的工作計劃。 旅遊方面,雙方將共同研究港珠澳大橋落成後所帶來的機遇,進一步強化粵港澳旅遊合作平台,加強向海外旅遊業界宣傳粵港澳聯線旅遊的吸引力,推動區內「一程多站」的旅遊發展。 投資推廣方面,雙方將繼續聯同廣東省到海外聯合舉辦海外招商推介活動。同時,港澳雙方將舉行研討會,加強宣傳港澳投資制度及市場環境的優越性。 會展合作方面,港澳未來將繼續在海外市場聯合進行市場推廣,宣傳兩地的會展特色和優勢,吸引更多海外機構到區內辦會辦展。...

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International Travel Expo

The annual ITE is an effective trade platform for both domestic and international enterprises to share, discuss and cooperate for both inbound and outbound travel businesses in Hong Kong.


Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong

Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong is the leading fine dining and bar exhibition in Asia-Pacific. With its unique position focusing on the top-quality food service and the bar market, it has undoubtedly become the business event of the year delivering top-end buyers from Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong.


Seafood Expo Asia

Seafood Expo events deliver the highest quality trade events for seafood buyers and suppliers from around the world.  Find new customers for your products, equipment or services at our leading international expositions: Seafood Expo North America/Seafood Processing North America in Boston, USA; Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global in Brussels, Belgium; and Seafood Expo Asia in Wanchai, Hong Kong.


FHC China 2017

The exhibition of choice for exporters and importers of food and beverages. More International companies and country pavilions than any food exhibition in China. 2,150 food and wine exporters and distributors from 66 countries participated at FHC and ProWine China 2015.
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